10 Apps for your Winter Ski Holiday

Top 10 Apps for your Winter Ski Holiday

Your Winter Ski Holiday

10 useful Apps for your Winter Ski Holiday

Every day brings new apps for smartphones to the market. Here are some of our favourites to spare you trawling through thousands of apps before you go on your Winter Ski Holiday. Take a quick look and let us know what you think. All apps are available and free for both iPhone and Android!

skifit SkiFit: This winter before you get on the ski slopes, this is the best way to make sure you are fit to go; so get the most out of your ski holidays.

snocru SnoCru: Lists your friends who are also on the slopes. Includes status updates a messaging feature. Also suitable for getting to know new slopes. Check-ins, badges and tracking functions give this app the finishing touches.

fatmap FatMap: The most accurate 3d piste maps on the ski mountain. Download your ski maps and visualise every nook and cranny before you head down that Black slope!

maptosnow MaptoSnow: The GPS app combines tracking tools with a competition and reward system: the sporting challenge is in the foreground, but is refined in a playful way. Tracking and reward system also work offline

what3words What3Words: This is a brand new way of localising yourself – These guys have split the whole world into 57 trillion 3x3m squares, and each square has its own unique 3 word locator, it overlays across mapping functions, so that you can give anyone a very precise location and meet them there – Ideal for catching up on the slopes this winter on your ski trip.

MapMyFitness: Integrated GPS technology for runners, cyclists and walkers; you can now track your workouts accurately. In addition, you have access to a database of local routes, online training materials, events and much more. You can also import data from more than 400 compatible devices such as Jawbone, Garmin, Polar and Fitbit.
 snowinfo Skiinfo Ski and Snow: The most downloaded app with snow reports and info of over 2000 ski resorts worldwide. Reports from endless users also provide an authentic impression of the ski resorts, so you get the inside edge on your ski holiday.

 iskitracer ISkiTracker: Trendy! Record your own skiing day exactly as it happened and then analyse it. Data is stored on the kilometres travelled, altitude and speed, as well as a detailed altitude profile. Location and recording via GPS determine the position in the ski resort and the entire ski day is visually displayed on a map. You can even dispatch it to your friends at home that didn’t make the trip!

 skitheworld Ski the World: Daily updated information on over 2000 ski areas, which can be configured according to your criteria. Includes ski slopes, lifts, ticket prices, snow depth, current weather conditions & forecast, and current webcam pictures.

Wifi Finder App: Especially abroad this is really useful for keeping your roaming charges down. Scans both for free and paid public Wi-Fi hotspots in the vicinity. The results can be filtered by location (café, hotel, etc.) or type of provider. Available for both mobile phones and tablet Computers.
UK-Ongosa Ongosa : Not exactly an app yet, but a great way to connect to instructors and guides in the Alps – Check it out
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