10 Apps to keep you going this Summer

Best apps for Summer

Best apps for Summer

Every day, brings new apps for smart phones to the market. We have put together some of our favourites to spare you trawling through thousands of apps before you go on holiday. Take a quick look and let us know what you think. All apps are available and free for both iPhone and Android!

Gogobot – City & Travel Guide

Helpful app that shows where you can eat in the area, what to explore and how to get there. You can filter by search circle so depending on how energetic you are feeling, more or less travelling!

Swiss Parks

Your absolute “pocket guide” to discover the Swiss parks. Most hiking, cycling and e-bike tours and special excursions for the whole family on an app. With an overview of Swiss parks natural and cultural highlights, as well as 60 original recipes with Park-specialties. Can also be sued offline, so perfect for those hidden corners where there is no connection. By the way: All routes are accessible via public transport.

SkyMap App

Enables discovery of stars and planets when you point your device towards the sky. SkyMap automatically adjusts to your position, showing you stars, planets, moon phases, constellations and meteor showers . You can also locate celestial objects by just entering their names in your device.


Integrated GPS technology for runners, cyclists and walkers; you can now track your workouts accurately. In addition, you have access to a database of local routes, online training materials, events and much more. You can also import data from more than 400 compatible devices such as Jawbone, Garmin, Polar and Fitbit.

LibriVox App

Access to over 15,000 free audio books that can be streamed over the Internet or downloaded for later use. Among them are classical bestsellers and hidden treasures. Sort by title, author or genre or you can also search by keywords. The sleep timer is a nice touch.

Pack The Bag

No more forgetting something! Grab your bag! With comprehensive list of articles which are already divided into categories, such as clothing, personal hygiene, first aid kit, etc. Diverse personal lists can be created and individually named (eg camping trip, business trip, city break). In practical terms: The packing lists can be sent directly via email.

Wifi Finder App

Especially abroad this is really useful for keeping your roaming charges down. Scans both for free and paid public Wi-Fi hotspots in the vicinity. The results can be filtered by location (café, hotel, etc.) or type of provider. Available for both mobile phones and tablet computers.

Millionaire 2015

If you want the thrill of the TV programme right in your hand, try out this free version of the Who wants to be? Quiz. Available in various languages, this app is a dazzling array of questions. You can choose the level of difficulty and it promises to accompany you on many an after dinner family time.


Unlimited combinations with a very comprehensive selection of words and 3 levels of difficulty. The grid size can be adjusted as desired from 3×3 to 25×25 characters. The playing field is filled with words that you have to guess and adjusts automatically to the mobile phone.


The ultimate local transport expert, with real time updates and great functionality, this app will help to get you form where you are to where you want to be using the local bus, train and metro services.

And what are your favourite apps for the summer?

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