10 Reasons for Ski Hire

10 Reasons why snow sport enthusiasts prefer ski hire over buying equipment

While the heat of summer can still be felt outside, online bookings for the next winter sports holidays are heating up.
Right around August , many snow sports lovers already start thinking about hitting the slopes, and one question comes to mind: “should I buy or hire my ski equipment”?

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Here are the top 10 reasons why you should opt for rental:

Variety of Ski Hire
It goes without saying that there are many passionate carvers and avid snowboarders. But how about trying Freestyle, Freeride or Cross-Country during your next winter holiday? And for those who would rather stick with their chosen style:  thanks to snow sport rentals you can try out a range of different  brands and models during your next holiday.

A full set of ski equipment – including poles, shoes and a helmet as well as the skis – can easily cost EUR 1000 with prices rising steeply depending on the quality, brand and style. For those of you not planning a 2-week winter holiday every year alongside spending all weekends in the mountains, it might be much cheaper to rent.

Light luggage
Just the thought of dragging along all the snow sports equipment needed for a family of four is enough to convince many parents to rent locally. The ski shops are often located close to the slopes so there is no need to haul the equipment between your holiday accommodation and the slopes each day.

Ski binding
Everybody knows: the ski binding has to be readjusted and checked before each season for optimal safety reasons. When renting online in advance you can spare yourself an extra trip to the ski shop. All necessary information for the adjustment,  such as your weight, can be added to your booking. This way, the binding can be setup swiftly and safely when you pick up your gear and you can hit the slopes in no time.

Try before you buy
Newbie’s are naturally especially keen to find out if they will get any enjoyment at all from skiing before spending a fortune on equipment. Thanks to ski rental shops they don’t have to invest in expensive gear that they might end up selling soon after the holidays at a loss or – even worse – end up storing it in the basement until finally getting rid of it.

Maintenance tasks such as waxing your skis or sharpening of the edges are done locally by professionals directly at the ski rental shop and  are included in the rental price. If your skis need to be freshened up, you usually won’t have to pay for the extra service or at least you will get a special low rate.

Regular wear and tear of the equipment is already factored into the rental price. As an option, additional inexpensive insurance can be booked to cover theft and damage.

No-stress shopping from home
Thanks to online ski rental platforms such as Snowell, choosing and booking equipment has never been easier. You can browse  through a range of offers, find  information, and decide at your own pace – all from the comfort of your own home.

Children grow at such a rate that ski hire sure beats buying new equipment every year. And on top of that, online ski rental platforms often have special offers such as ‘free kids gear when parents rent’, or free helmets for kids.

Trendsetters and brand enthusiasts definitely don’t want to be seen on the slopes sporting a ‘no-name’ model from three seasons ago. At the ski rental shop, you have the chance to rent the latest model and get advice about the newest  trends.

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