10 things you'll forget on holiday

The 10 things you’ll leave behind on holiday!

Each year, Interhome sends back hundreds of items to forgetful holidaymakers.
This week the big Summer exodus begins. This year, many holidaymakers opt to spend their holiday in a villa or apartment. But unlike a holiday in a hotel, holidaymakers often take many more of their possessions with them when they stay in a holiday home.

10 forgotten items at holiday home

10 things left behind on an Interhome Holiday


It’s only natural that when it comes time to go home, a lot more items get left behind. So Interhome, the holiday rentals specialist, sends back hundreds of items to their owners during the Summer. Here is a gentle reminder; Interhome has listed the 10 most frequently forgotten items. A useful tool to keep on hand when going on holiday.

1. Mobile Phone Charger

The charger is by far the most forgotten item. Often the mobile phone charger gets plugged into the power outlet and you forget to remove it when you get home. Depending on the type, a new charger can quickly cost £25.

2. Shower gel / shampoo

The shower gel is generally left. After a week in the shower its easy not to notice it behind the shower curtain when you are packing. Some even knowingly abandon their shampoos if they are less than half full. This will just end up in the bin, what a waste!

3. Cooking equipment

It is perhaps less obvious, especially since virtually all holiday homes are fully-equipped with kitchen equipment. But many people still bring their own cutlery, kitchen knife or peeler when they stay in a holiday home. All that effort to bring those items, all that way only to forget them on the return!

4. Hair Dryer

The most often overlooked item for women. The hairdryer disappears in a cabinet or in a drawer and as it gets used less, is often forgotten. Similarly for men, razors. A new hairdryer easily cost £40. Do not forget to check the commode and drawers in the bathroom before closing the door for the last time.

5. Ice-Blocs for the cooler

When you drive to your holiday house, you’ll often take a cooler. Upon arrival, the ice-blocs get stuck in the freezer. Its an easy mistake to make when you leave at the end of the week

6. Toys

A classic for the kids and a nightmare for the parents. The stuffed animal that disappears under the bed, the favourite ball that gets lost behind a bush in the garden, miniature cars left in the cabinet and dolls clothes that disappear behind the chair. Often it is not very serious unless it is the favorite stuffed animal. The way back home, then, can seem very long.

7. Coat or jacket

You know the situation. From United Kingdom rainy and cold you wear a coat or jacket. But by the time you get to your summer destination, the jacket is abandoned all week on a coat rack. If this coat rack is accidentally behind a door or cabinet, it is often forgotten. This is very visible in UK airports where holidaymakers are returning tanned in shorts and a t-shirt to a typical English summer!.

8. Swimwear

Another classic, the swimsuit, bikini or towel that lands on the garden chair to dry. So even if you’ve checked all the drawers and wardrobes carefully, you’ still end up forgetting the last-day swimwear left to dry. Fortunately, you’ll not need it so much during the remaining English summer.

9. Reading Glasses

You only use them infrequently when reading the paper or a book by the beach. But the day of departure, when everything is rushed, you tend to forget them on the coffee table or in the kitchen. Result: Pick up a new pair at the airport duty-free for £20.

10. Coffee-maker

You have to see it to believe it, but many people are attached to their own coffeemaker. So much so, that they bring their own Senseo or Nespresso machine while on holiday, even if there is almost always normal a coffeemaker in the holiday rental. But after a week, it seems inherently part of the kitchen furniture and when the car is packed up for the return, the device is simply overlooked. This way, the last coffee made during the holidays seems to be an unforgettable event.
If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, print the above list and take it as a checklist during your holidays.

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