5 Misconceptions About Staying in a Holiday Home

Holiday home common misconceptions : A quaint, basic cottage?  That idea is really outdated….

A wide range of B&Bs, five star resorts, ecolodges, hostels, homestays and glampings.. the choice is endless when you are looking for that perfect, unforgettable holiday.  A house for just you and your family or friends means you can enjoy absolute freedom and comfort but, unfortunately, there are still a lot of misconceptions.  Interhome, the largest provider of holiday homes in Europe, will now try and address the 5 main misconceptions and let you know the truth about booking a self-catering holiday home.

A holiday home…..

1.  Old-fashioned
For some people, a holiday home is just considered to be a bit out-dated.  However, over the last few years, many holiday homes are being provided with modern equipment, furniture and fixtures.  For example, you can enjoy this lovely house with its designer décor,  flat screen TV, air conditioning, lift and modern kitchen and bathroom.  All these houses now have free Wifi too!

IT9401.190.1 Holiday Home

Lovely modern Holiday home



2.  Basic
It is often thought that a holiday home is decorated and furnished in a basic and rustic manner.  No frills, no luxury, just the essential services.  This idea is also unfounded.  Most properties built after the year 2000, offer luxury with high-quality materials and all necessary comfort.  Think of a sauna, steam room, luxury bathroom facilities, a washing machine, Nespresso coffee maker, fireplace and flat screen TV.  Take a look at the Villa Biocrystal in the Kvarner area of Croatia – not only a sauna but also an outdoor Jacuzzi.

HR3170 200 1 1

Luxurious Holiday Homes



3.  Lacking in space
A small holiday house?  That is often what people think but this does not reflect the reality because almost all modern homes have a living area of at least 150 m2 and can accommodated between 6 and 12 people.  Many hotels have no or only a limited number of family rooms.  Most holiday homes have 3 or 4 bedrooms and several bathrooms and are ideal for families or larger groups.  A good example is the Spanish holiday home Mas Moli – an ideal villa with 8 bedrooms, over 3 floors, suitable for groups of up to 17 guests.

ES9452 100 1 Holiday Home

Spacious Holiday Homes


4.  Remote
If you want to stay in a holiday home, you will need a good sense of direction because the houses are usually located deep in the forest, far from civilization.  In reality, most houses are not that far away from the resort centre.  New apartments or villas are often easily accessible by car.  At the Italian Villa Monteloro, you have got yoru own 25 hectare parking area but ar only 12 kilometres from the centre of Florence!

IT5270 985 2 Holiday Home

Holiday Homes in Great Locations


5.  Duration
A private holiday house is expensive, right?  A big villa with all the space and comfort you need, overlooking some beautiful scenery, there must be a price to pay?  No, this idea is incorrect.  Of course, you can go for the ultimate in luxury with a matching price tag but you can also find a much cheaper possibility.  Why not stay in Par4Villa24 holiday home in Maspalomas (Gran Canaria) for just £1917 per week?

ES6220 89 1 Holiday Home

Space and Comfort in a Holiday Home


What is the truth then?
Besides all these misconceptions, there are also a lot of other positive points to take into consideration.  For example, a holiday home is perfect for socializing.  You literally spend your holiday in a homely atmosphere, with all your home comforts.  Although many of the houses or apartments are near a town or city, you can still enjoy the feeling of calm and relaxation and get the most out of your holiday.  In addition, you can enjoy such a lot of freedom.  Cook your own meals and make the most of the beautiful evening s on your private terrace or by your own pool.  Finally, the biggest advantage of all is enjoying a holiday with lots of couples, family or friends.  So you can all enjoy a memorable holiday experience together!

To find out more about the range of holiday properties available with Interhome, go to www.interhome.co.uk

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