A Good Holiday for an Aries? Lots of Action as well as Relaxation!

The ideal holiday home for Aries (March 21 to April 20)

Aries - the action sign

A Holiday for an Aries?

Action seeker

Be it climbing in the mountains, with a fishing rod by the river, down-hill racing on a mountain bike, or building sand castles with the kids on the shores of the Mediterranean:  This attractive fire sign always needs a lot of action during his holiday. Short breaks and a lot of variety are his trademark and when he finally relaxes, he will be dozing off in a hammock and dreaming of even more activities and how he can accommodate them all in one single holiday. He has a determined personality and wears his heart on his sleeve. Sometimes compliments – which he very much likes to hear about  himself – are a bit shortcoming for others.

Large sculptures and a panoramic view

His own home is modern, well thought-out, cosy, has clean lines, practical furniture, bright colour effects and high ceilings. As a wood lover, he mixes steel with lots of natural materials and loves a great panoramic view, whether it’s of a beach or mountains. He is not the type to collect small items, figurines or bric-a-brac but rather large sculptures, art pictures or accessories, which are proudly shown in the middle of the living area. His holiday home should always have enough storage and garage space.

Summer holidays: Living the High Life in France

While seeking both adventure and relaxation, the self-confident fire sign will find what he is looking for at the fantastic 8-person holiday home “Les Mouettes” in Mimizan, France. This 3-star property has 4 bedrooms, high ceilings, cosy leather furniture, a large fireplace and an amazing terrace overlooking the sea. The 120 m2 living space and 2 floor concept was built with comfort in mind. The sandy beach is just 50 m from the front door so the sporty Aries can start his day with a morning run and afterwards use the practical outdoor shower. The holiday destination offers parking spaces for bicycles, has shops, a golf course, horseback-riding stables, an indoor pool and surf school. Plenty of attractions nearby e.g. in Arcachon, Biscarrosse and the Casino Mimizan Plage.

Holiday by the sea for Aries

Aries can enjoy water sports in Mimizan!

Winter holidays: In the heart of the Tirol

The family-oriented Aries loves winter sports and enjoys spending the cold season in the snow, skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. In the Zillertal in Austria, he will love this cosy apartment in a unique location right next to the forest. The 4 star “Apartment Bockstecken” in Kaltenbach is designed with lots of wood, has stylish furniture, a Swedish fireplace-oven in the living area and a large terrace with stunning panoramic views of the snowy mountains. The nearby farm and a small waterfall behind the house are lovely attractions for families and children.

Mountain holiday for Aries

Aries can enjoy some mountain air!

Having a practical side, the passionate Aries will enjoy the covered parking space, enough room for his fishing rods, mountain climbing gear, skating shoes, and a ski room with a ski boot dryer. Just a few minutes by car to grocery stores, restaurants, an indoor pool, hiking trails, cable car station, a lake, and the well-known ski areas of Hoch Zillertal-Hochfügen and Spieljoch Fügen.

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