A Stress-free Christmas? 10 Ideas for You.

10 ideas for a stress-free Christmas

Let’s face it: Every year, we madly look forward to Christmas, but once the holidays arrive, all the preparations have left us all a bit crazy and we swear that next, yes next year, everything will be different!

10 ideas for a stress-free Christmas

Stress-free Family Christmas


We collected 10 ideas that will help you to get into the ‘Zen-Zone’ of a happy pre-holiday season:

1. Be optimistic
Everything will be easier if you stay optimistic. Starting today, practice serenity and smile a lot.

2. Shop early
Order all the gifts for your loved ones online, preferably two months early, when the selection is still plentiful and there are no queues at the check-out.

Ideas for Stress-free Christmas shopping

Stress-free Christmas shopping


3. Don’t be perfect
Don’t  try to be a perfectionist. This will not only stress out yourself but also your family and friends.

4. Do Vent Your Feelings
Meet up with your friends and exchange all the good and bad feelings about your holiday challenges. Top this up with a glass of wine.

5. Be nice to yourself
Treat yourself with a hot bath, a fine cup of tea, a relaxing massage or whatever it is that helps you wind down.

6. Eat well
Especially when stressed, we should pay extra attention to what we eat. Light, healthy foods and enough sleep will keep us balanced. Oh and exercise is said to be a great way to relax.

7. Move a little
Take a walk, breathe in the fresh air, leave your mobile phone at home and enjoy the silence of nature.

8. Watch a film
Watch your favourite movie while snuggling on your couch under a warm blanket.

9. Concentrate on the essentials
Try to forget all the many details that could go wrong, but instead, focus on the essentials.

10. Try new surroundings
Break with old habits and spend your next Christmas holidays in a romantic Chalet in the snowy mountains or enjoy a city apartment while browsing through the many Christmas markets. As well as being more relaxed you will also be able to avoid uninvited guests and spend more time with your loved ones!

Mountain Chalets - Ideal Ski base

A Chalet for a stress-free Christmas


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