Change of Scenery – Treat Yourself to a Trip Away and Recharge Those Batteries!

A Change of Scenery

Everyone can benefit from a change of scenery so, remember,  if you feel drained by the time the weekend eventually comes around, you’re not the only one. It’s completely natural if your energy and motivation drop on a Friday evening after an intense week of work and all you want to do (apart from the long-overdue spring clean) is relax on the sofa and gorge on an endless stream of films. But you can have too much of a dull thing. That’s why we need to fight weekend lethargy, take a little time away from the vacuum cleaner, cushions and TV, and do something that does a little more for our mind, body and spirit in the long term. And I don’t mean mastering Jin Shin Jyutsu, the ancient Japanese art of harmonising our life energy! I mean something cool, something exciting, a Change of scenery: like a city break, a spa weekend, some time in the countryside or hitting the water.

A change of scenery with a sea view

Stunning Sea View!

Get back into the swing of things

Go for a Change of Scenery! A weekend in another city can be inspiring and can clear your head, because discovering new cultures and ways of life can both stimulate and broaden the mind, not to mention the energy it reinjects into your everyday life. If you’d rather get your tired muscles and overworked mind back in order and recuperate on a spa weekend, there are a huge range of options for you to lounge around in your bathrobe. A (spontaneous) trip to the countryside also provides an oasis for you to relax and enjoy yourself: the flora and fauna allow you to move down that extra gear. Or why not go all out and take a trip to the seaside, a lake or a river. After all, water is the source of life and the most effective means of recharging your batteries. A walk along the shore, a leisurely cruise, or a weekend sailing or on a diving course is sure to lift your spirits. So go for a change of scenery: whether you want to plan in advance or be spontaneous, take a month or just a weekend, getting away from it all is always a good thing.
Let us inspire you and check out our many city trip ideas.

Try a change of scenery with sailing or diving in Greece

Try your Hand at Sailing or Diving in Greece

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