City breaks on the menu at Interhome

Interhome greatly extends its range of city breaks

It now offers apartments and holiday homes in 38 cities from New York to Warsaw

London, 3 March 2015 – Interhome, the leading vacation rental provider in Europe, has decided to focus on lovers of city trips. Working together with local service offices and buying teams, Interhome has expanded its selection of destinations to no less than 38 cities. You will find not only the classics like Rome, London or Paris, but also niche destinations such as Edinburgh, Zurich and Warsaw. Finally, Interhome also offers a large number of apartments in Manhattan. Ideal if you want to take a city break with family or friends and are looking for an alternative to expensive hotels. Information and reservations via

London City Breaks

London City Breaks

This is not new: UK travellers love city breaks. According to figures from FPS Economy, they are booking more and more short-term stays (max. 4 nights) overseas. City breaks traditionally account for a significant share of these reservations. With the usual top destinations like London, Paris, Barcelona or Rome. But the British traveller is generally well experienced, and the extensive range of low-cost and scheduled air traffic from most UK airports has opened up a number of niche destinations which are becoming more and more popular.

Vienna City break

Vienna City break

Interhome is happy to ride this trend, especially in times of economic uncertainty, when the consumer pays particular attention to their holiday budget.

A real alternative to expensive hotels

Most people who go on city trips stay in a hotel, which usually is expensive because hotels often inflate their prices during the weekends and holidays. Renting an apartment in town is therefore an attractive alternative, especially when travelling with the family or with a group of friends. Moreover, it is no longer required now to rent an apartment or holiday house for at least a week. At Interhome, you can in most cases choose  your arrival and departure dates, regardless of the length of your stay. Finally, in many cities we have our own Local Service Offices, where customers can go for local advice and recommendations or if they have a problem.

Paris City break

Paris City breaks

 City breaks in European cities and New York

If you want to book a city trip, Interhome offers 38 cities. There are of course popular destinations such as Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Prague and Berlin, but also less common destinations such as Edinburgh, Warsaw, Dresden, Zurich, Geneva, Krakow, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Munich. For New York, the mother of all city trips, Interhome has developed a special offer with over 100 apartments. If that is a little too far to go, Bruges, Ghent, Brussels and Cologne are also included in the list.

Venice City break

Venice City break

Like the rest of our properties, our city apartments are very diverse, both in terms of price, style and size. Thus, for most destinations, we have apartments for two , but also upto more than ten people. Most are also very well located in the centre or close to public transport and close to shops, restaurants and bars. Each apartment is equipped with a kitchen, you also have the opportunity to cook yourself. In short, with a city apartment, you have total freedom.

Adding a sense of security

With Interhome’s 50 years of experience in the market, we have great systems and great relationships with our partners and property owners.  Customers can rely on our experience when it comes to delivering what they have booked, especially in relation to the plethora of holiday rentals listings sites, which are prone to fraudulent behaviour by pseudo-owners, listing properties that do not exist in reality. All the properties that Interhome sells have been vetted, the owners have agreed terms, and we regularly visit the properties to ensure that standards are maintained, and improved where necessary.

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