Easter Greetings from Budapest, Barcelona, Berlin…..

Easter greetings from Budapest, Barcelona, Berlin …

Easter Greetings with Colourful Eggs

Colourful Easter Eggs

What could be better than exploring the metropolis of another country and spreading Easter greetings on a short break over the Easter holidays? Talking of Easter: Did you know that the Greeks celebrate this festive period according to the Julian calendar, which is on a different date to that of other western European countries, and that the country turns into a huge picnic area on Easter Sunday, with alcohol flowing freely!

Easter Traditions Throughout Europe

Or that in Germany, people jump over flames for good luck. That the Italians celebrate Easter nationwide with numerous colourful processions, receive the papal Urbi et Orbi in St. Peter’s Square  and eat  traditional “Colomba Pasquale” – a cake in the shape of a dove  – and buy their children huge Chocolate eggs.

Easter Greetings from The Duomo in Florence

Easter in Florence


And how about Spain where Easter has never been commercially important (cute bunnies and chocolate eggs are hardly heard of) but more that this religious holiday is celebrated with impressive, colourful processions. The fact that France keeps its Easter tradition of only ringing the church bells on Easter Sunday after having been kept silent from Holy Thursday to Holy Saturday, as a symbolic sign of mourning.  The Easter Bunny in La Belle France has very little work to do!

Or did you know that in Bulgaria,  Easter eggs are not hidden but thrown: at church walls or, even better, at family members.  If the egg does not break, this particular family member will be the most successful member of the family in the coming year. In Hungary at Easter, it is a custom that men spray women with perfume and symbolically hit them with a decorated whip, convinced that women will maintain their health and beauty, while the ladies, in return, give colourful eggs to the men.

Easter Greetings with Pretty Painted Eggs

Colourful Painted Easter Eggs

No matter how or where you celebrate Easter this year, we wish you a wonderful holiday and we hope we have inspired you to try out something new. Don’t forget to check out our many holiday city apartments all throughout Europe and get right amongst all the action!. – European City Breaks

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