Easy DIY Christmas decorations for your Holiday home!

No matter where and how you spend your holiday with your loved ones, maybe in a cosy chalet, a luxurious villa or city apartment, skiing, shopping or sunbathing anywhere in the world: You will no doubt still want to celebrate Christmas surrounded by Festive decorations to get you into the holiday spirit. If you are spending your Christmas break in an Interhome holiday house or apartment, you can still give it the festive touch without spending a fortune. All it takes is a little creativity and a few basic craft skills to transform your holiday into a festive celebration with a few decorative additions. Easy DIY Christmas decorations at your fingertips!

It doesn’t take much to give a living room a festive touch, just put a few simple things in your suitcase and once settled into your holiday house, transform your surroundings into your own Christmas wonderland. The magic word is ‘do-it-yourself’!

Let’s get started with two examples which you might like to try:

Easy DIY Christmas tree
• A Christmas tree for the Festive break is a must! Let’s think outside the box. Just gather together a few small tree branches from outside your holiday house. Cut them into different lengths, tie the branches together at the ends with some cord or ribbon and decorate with smaller items such as pine cones, coloured ribbon, and other little keepsakes. Hang it on the wall, so Santa will know where to leave the presents!

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xmas tree DIY

Create your own DIY Christmas Decorations


Creative ornaments
• How about some Christmas baubles? Nothing easier than that! Use some old newspaper, tissue or household paper and scrunch it up into a ball. Then cover it with aluminum foil or wrapping paper. Just add some thread – even dental floss will do- and voila: you are done! An added benefit of These easy DIY ornaments: These baubles aren’t fragile and are safe for children to handle.

DIY Christmas Baubles

Create your own DIY Christmas Decorations


What do you think of our ideas? Don’t forget to check our blog in a couple of weeks for some more tips.

Let your imagination run wild. Oh, and don’t forget to upload your pictures of your hand-crafted treasures on our Facebook Page to share with our fans!

Interhome wishes you a joyful and relaxing Christmas break.
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