Euro 2016 – Football on our doorstep

From 10/06/2016-10/07/2016 – All eyes will be on France as they host the UEFA EURO 2016.

Twenty-four teams will contest the Henri Delaunay Cup for the first time following a decision by the UEFA Executive Committee in September 2008. France were awarded UEFA EURO 2016 by the Executive Committee in a decision announced in Geneva on Friday 28 May 2010.

The EURO finals field has risen as the profile of the championship has grown since the inaugural competition took place from 1958 to 1960. From four to eight, to 16 to 24 next time around, almost half of UEFA’s 54 member associations will contest the European crown in 2016.

France played a key role in the founding of the UEFA European Championship. It was the brainchild of a Frenchman, Henri Delaunay, UEFA’s first general secretary from June 1954 to November 1955. The opening final round, featuring four teams, was held in France in 1960, with Paris hosting the inaugural final between the USSR and Yugoslavia on 10 July of that year.

If you are planning to soak up the atmosphere, there is no better place than to be in France, and Interhome have some great properties available for the whole month in some of the host cities:

How about relaxing in Nice and get the best of two worlds, beautiful beaches of the Cote d’Azur and a month of footie madness – Prices from as little as 1327 GBP for 2 people for 4 weeks in the Avenue Gambetta in Nice.

You may end up with tickets for the final in Paris, and lets hope England are in it, in which case, stake out the Stade St Denis from as little as 1206GBP for two for 4 weeks from 10/06/15.

If you want to get some surfing in when there is not football on, how about Les Landes, just a short drive from Bordeaux, another of the host cities from as little as 1030GBP for 3 people for 4 weeks, form the 10th June 2015.

If you want to soak up the real atmosphere in one of the hotbeds of French footballing history, then look no further than Marseille, the only French team to win the coveted Champions League, and regularly fighting for honours in Ligue 1. We have accommodation there for 4 weeks from 10 June 2016 for as little as 1845 GBP for 4 people in this wonderful cabanon overlooking the sea.

Euro 2016 in Marseille

Euro 2016 and a view of the sea

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