Golf Holidays – The Golf Caddy Experience

The Golf Caddy Experience

Be A Golf Caddy for the Day

The Joys of Being a Golf Caddy for the Day!


“You two play golf? How old are you guys?” was my amused comment when married friends of mine outed themselves as passionate golfers and the husband (who else?) proudly told me his handicap. I find it odd that the mark of a golfer’s ability is defined according to the formula: the lower the number, the better the golfer. But then again I had absolutely no golfing experience, never mind the necessary course licence. Still, I found hours of carrying a well-filled golf bag by foot or by silent golf buggy across huge, manicured lawns in order to putt a little golf ball into nine or eighteen holes in as few strokes as possible – sometime before sunset – to be an activity for bores with too much time on their hands – even if the holes were imaginatively scattered across the attractive, obstacle-strewn eight kilometres we walked.

Golfing Views of a Golf Caddy

Beautiful Scenery – a Golf Caddy’s View!

However, I’d like to thank my two charitable friends for taking me to their golf club as a guest golf caddy on a beautiful, warm, sunny spring day! Even though I didn’t drive straight to the next golf shop and stock up on the basics for a golf newbie, I have amended my prejudices. As an urbanite with a strong connection to nature and the outdoors, I spent a wonderful day with them. It was even a surprising physical challenge and an experience that I look back on fondly. We talked very little and when we did, it was no louder than the chirping of the birds in the trees – all wonderfully relaxing! When it happened, as it occasionally did, I was happy to fish golf balls out of the pond or search for them in the rough (the unmown area around the fairway) – and in so doing often found other balls too. And although I sometimes just drove with their golf bags, so I didn’t even have to use my own physical strength, the afternoon sightseeing tour of the golf course offered by the ranger in the golf buggy suited my falling (yoga) fitness levels.
So, should I start playing golf? Well, I haven’t, but I now understand why I can’t get hold of my friends at the weekends from April to October. Although, I could of course meet them at the golf club and offer my services as an experienced caddy.  Why not experience the joys of being a Golf Caddy and join your Family and friends on a course near to one of Interhome’s many Holiday properties, close to a golf course?

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