Holiday Destination Croatia and Interhome – what a partnership!

Holiday Destination Croatia – Mediterranean holiday charm meets architectural legacy

For years, the holiday destination Croatia and its coast has been attracting us with beautiful cypress and olive trees, endless sand and pebble beaches, historic cities, clear blue waters and pretty islands. So many that they are as hard to count as the spots on a Dalmatian!

From popular tourist destinations such as Split and Dubrovnik to amazing sailing trips, Croatia can offer a wealth of different holidays. Whether it’s sunbathing, diving, climbing, enjoying island life, or visiting one of the many national parks: the sun-drenched Mediterranean climate and the most hospitable Croats are waiting for you!

Apartment in Holiday Destination Croatia

Pretty Apartment in Croatia


Arancini and Limunicini in the Holiday Destination Croatia

When visiting this Holiday Destination Croatia, I vividly remember the lively city of Split with its port and the magnificent Cappuccino (Italy beware!) in a coffee shop inside the fascinating ancient Diocletian’s Palace that was built during the Roman Empire. Or the modern feel of the 3000-year-old coastal town Zadar with its world famous Sea Organ, built in 2005, built into the terraced promenade and “touching” the waves. The town of Sibenik, built on the cliffs,  with its most beautiful Croatian marina called Marina Frapa. And let’s not forget the island of Mljet where you can still see the rare monk seals. Sunsets in Dubrovnik are best enjoyed with a delicous “Arancini” and “Limuncini”  in one of the many busy bars, followed by fine food at one of the local restaurants.

View from Villa in Holiday Destination Croatia

Lovely views from beautiful Villa in Croatia

The Holiday Destination Croatia is like a magnet: I have just visited this beautiful country for the fourth time and it won’t be the last! Perhaps I will see you there soon?

By the way: Over the years, times have changed for the better in the holiday accommodation industry. These days, you can get luxurious villas with pools, island apartments on the beach or stylish apartments in the cities, but still on a Croatian budget. Check it out now: Self-Catering in Croatia


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