Holidays for a Capricorn! Self-catering for Star Signs.

Perfect holiday homes for a Capricorn (December 22 –  January 20)

We have all enjoyed the Festive Season and are all feeling good. But there is one star sign who plans his holiday months in advance.  A Capricorn will read books and research destinations and will only go on a trip if everything fits perfectly: The earth-bound Capricorn.
Don’t worry though, even if this sign, born in January, is a particularly demanding holiday guest, he is also very loyal and once he has found his dream holiday home, will be happy to return every year to the same familiar place.

Whether you are a Capricorn man or woman, there is very little difference in your holiday planning, because your modest but classic appearance and gracefulness shows that you are very clear and realistic. You are longing for a safe, comfortable, and especially practical holiday home – whether you travel alone, as a couple or as a family.

The destination should not be too far away and the trip should be easy and convenient.
A Capricorn prefers to be in his usual environment, and when the holidays approach, he will be thinking of where, outside his own home, he could relax and unwind, for this is an active sign who always likes to keep his mind busy. Enjoyment – yes, but leaving home – no. Nevertheless, you will find your perfect holiday home in our incredibly broad portfolio of villas, city apartments and chalets, in both rural and urban locations. If you dare to venture outside Europe, you should maybe try a holiday apartment in Mauritius or New York.

Beautiful long-haul destination

Stunning Mauritius for a Capricorn!

Summer Holidays – loving nature

Your holiday paradise should be straight forward with clear features and, above all, have not too many playful elements. As a Capricorn travelling with the whole family, you will enjoy a villa such as the holiday home CAVKIM in Cyprus. This comfortable house with garden is impressive both inside and out with its bright furniture combined with natural elements, modern kitchen and bathrooms and offers plenty of space with high standards. Even the pool adapts perfectly to the simple yet very classical style and the holiday home is within walking distance of supermarket, restaurant and beach. Plus, the budget conscious Capricorn will love the price tag.

Capricorns can relax by the pool

Relax by this lovely pool!


Winter Holidays – A clear view of the slopes and mountains

The sporty Capricorn loves the outdoors and again, will appreciate a holiday house with a simple design combined with natural elements. On one hand, a chalet should be in the heart of the alps but on the other hand it has to be easily reached by car or public transport. Being a nature-loving type, you will feel right at home in a Chalet like La Poya, located in Moléson-sur-Gruyères. You will like the thermal hot springs, children’s playground and sledging which can be found in this destination. Also, it also has a budget friendly price.  There is plenty of space in this Chalet with lots of natural wood and a wonderful terrace providing a unique panorama.

A Capricorn can relax in the mountains

A view that a Capricorn would love!

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