Interhome Holiday House Report (November 15)

European Holiday House specialist, releases its bi-annual report showing the trends of the holiday rentals sector from Summer 2015 and for the year ahead.

Key findings for the UK market include:

• Spain and France remain prime destinations, with Costa Blanca and Cote d’Azur as the top two locations.
• Strong performance of UK pound to Euro makes Eurozone countries most desirable.
• Only 16% of customers made use of offers, instead opting to pay full price to ensure they got the dates they wanted.
• France remains the favourite destination for UK skiers. Switzerland was in second place with 32% of the market.
• There is a preference for group travel in winter, with over 65% of skiers choosing accommodation that sleeps 4 or more.

In the study of over 12,000 UK holidaymakers, short-haul travel performed very strongly, and traditional destinations like Spain and France held their positions in 2015. Switzerland also remains a favourite destination for the UK, in spite a drop in bookings from Eurozone countries, due to the strong exchange rate, Swiss quality still continues to attract UK holidaymakers.

Last summer over 65% of customers chose to book a holiday apartment, with 35% opting for a villa or holiday house, 75% of customers chose a 3* or 4* property, and in line with the larger properties available, over 55% of people travel with at least 4 people or more, and over 75% stay for 5-14 nights.

One of the key messages from the report reflects the UK market’s comfortable adoption of online booking, with over 71% of all bookings being made online. A majority of holiday research is still done on mobile devices, with bookings being completed on laptops or desktops, most online bookings also show multiple touch-points, sometimes up to 20 from first engagement to final click.
One interesting point, only 16% of customers made use of the generic offers available, the vast majority preferring to pay normal price to ensure they get the property they wanted. A large number of those bookers could have saved an extra 10% by booking early.

Special offers could save thousands

Holiday House Report – Customers could save by using the generic special offers.

For Winter 2015/16, France is in the lead with regards to favourite destinations for UK skiers, with Switzerland a very secure second place on 32% of the market. In comparison to the summer, there are even more people travelling in larger groups, with over 66% of skiers choosing an accommodation that sleeps 4 or more. There are also twice as many customers booking 5* accommodation in the winter than in the summer.

The full report is available here –

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