Nostalgia Time – Interhome, born in the Sixties

As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary #Interhome50Years in our current day of digital virtual reality we are going to start a little series looking back at how things were in the day!

Do you remember the days when……….

The Interhome logo shone brightly from the large shop front window and illuminated the streets of Richmond and Twickenham? Customers dropped by to make a booking with one of the four friendly consultants, make a payment or maybe to have a chat about their holiday requirements. Guests arriving to begin their holiday in nearby Interhome houses would appear with their luggage, collect their keys and maybe even collect a pre-booked cot or parking permit.

The post room was full of bags containing brochures waiting to be sent out to expectant customers. All before the days of the Interhome website, with it’s easy to use interface and on-line brochure tool.  But even before that, back in 1965, Bruno Franzen and Werner Frey were already starting on the path that would lead to the creation of Interhome.

We are going to take a look back and bring you some stories and articles from the past 5 decades of Interhome, starting with the 60’s, where we saw a real explosion of social change, fashion and haircuts!

Interhome started in the Sixties

Some of the headliners from the Sixties














When Interhome started in 1965, the top selling singles in the UK for that year were:

01 Ken Dodd Tears
02 The Seekers I’ll Never Find Another You
03 The Beatles Help!

Would you have believed it!

Stay tuned for some more facts and figures from the Interhome decades, coming in the next blog posts!

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