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Stroll hand in hand through this fascinating city, rich in history, culture and entertainment. Key historical sites include the Tower of London, built in 1078 by William The Conqueror and which has been used as a royal residence and a prison. London is a smorgasbord of cultural influences, and a creative hotbed; giving us fashion, music and artistic movements that have shaped the world.

Tower Bridge, London

“Tower Bridge opening at night for a ferry” by Kashif.h
















Other gems to visit are Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament with it’s iconic tower, housing the famous bell known as Big Ben. Not forgetting the many Royal Palaces, theatres and countless museums (Victoria & Albert, the Science Museum, The Natural History Museum, The British Museum).

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

There is so much to do in London, that a visit will fill you with so many memories to last a lifetime.  In 2012 London opened up its heart to the world, hosting one of the best Olympic games in history, and its popularity continues to grow, drawing visitors from across the world; you’ll find a warm welcome, with romance blooming all through the year.

Kensington, London

Drayton Gardens in Kensington, London















London offers some of the world’s best theatre and musicals so why not share a special moment at a show at one of London’s 40 theatres?  The “West End” hosts a range of hit shows and glitzy musicals, from the long-running “Mousetrap” to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera”.  Why not book a couple of comfy seats at the ABBA phenomenon “Mamma Mia!”, Miss Saigon , The Lion King or Les Miserables?  The icing on the cake for a romantic short break in one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan and entertaining cities.

Interhome has a good selection of well-placed apartments and town houses in and around London, making it even easier to enjoy London like a Londoner, don’t stay in characterless hotels with dodgy room-service and apologies for breakfast – get down the local chippy for some classic fish & chips, then off to the pub, and a greasy spoon for breakfast – And don’t forget afternoon tea at Fortnum & Masons!

Red Phone Box,

Red Phone Box with the London Eye




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