Love is in the air – Romantic Rome


Known the world over as the Eternal City, Rome is the perfect romantic destination for couples looking for culture. Immerse yourselves in centuries of civilization, while you stroll hand in hand through the streets, piazze, ancient ruins and monuments. You must stop for espressos in the local caffès, while you toss coins into the Trevi Fountain wishing for eternity. There are so many sights and sounds to experience, sit and watch the world go by as Vespas and elegant fashionistas chitter-chatter through the streets.

Trevi Fountain Rome

Trevi Fountain, Rome















Of course, no visit to this romantic city would be complete without casting your eyes on the mighty Colosseum, which once staged gladiator battles and now supplies endless selfie opportunities for couples wanting to make their friends back home jealous. Rome’s other main sights are the Pantheon, Vatican City and about 280 beautiful churches. For Valentine’s Day, Rome is a classic romantic contender, but of course like everything else in the Eternal City, romance is present throughout the year. Rome isn’t just for Valentine’s Day! Romantic souls will feel at home, wondering the streets of Rome, hand in hand the time will fly, the warmth lingering as lovers sigh…”

Rome, classic romantic destination

Romantic Rome – Old cobbled streets give plenty of opportunities to get lost on Rome with the one you love














Interhome has a fantastic choice of accommodation in and around Rome, meaning that you get to experience it as a local, forget the characterless international chain hotels and the much beaten tourist tracks, stay somewhere you’ll get to meet Luigi and the whole family, and where Nonna Maria is still making the family’s secret recipe sauce handed down from generation to generation.

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