Love is in the Air – Venice amore mio


Venice, the perfect city for lovers, is famous for it’s labyrinth of waterways which flow from the Grand Canal, the central vein that splits the city in half. Spend a memorable time with that special person, exploring three of Venice’s main attractions which stand around the crowded Piazza San Marco.

Canaletto's Piazza San Marco

Canaletto’s Piazza San Marco, Venice












The Basilica San Marco with it’s stunning arched façade and gilded Byzantine mosaic; the lagoon-side Doge’s palace which was occupied by the Venetian government for centuries and St Mark’s clock tower with it’s decorative clock face and spectacular views across the whole piazza. The are so many scenes that you can recreate from movies you have seen, from books and plays you may have read, from the paintings that you may have studied in galleries or museums, but nothing will prepare you for the beauty of Venice in real life.


The constant movement of water gives the impression that the buildings are floating away














The canals are the best places to while away a few hours with your loved one, count the bridges, “The Bridge of Sighs”, renovated at a cost of 2.8M euros in 2011, and many more. Talk about getting away from the daily routine, where else can you pretend to be James Bond, Johnny Depp and George Clooney.

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