More easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas

Even More Easy DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas for your Holiday Home.

What did you think of our easy DIY Christmas decoration tips in the last blog? Do you fancy trying out some more creative ideas? Remember: The magic word is ‘do-it-yourself’.

DIY Christmas decorations -Upside-down-glass candle holders

How about a Festive table? Take water or wine glasses, vases or whatever you can find around the home and kitchen and turn it upside down. Yes exactly that! Then fill the inside with ribbons or small outdoor items, such as leaves, stones, moss etc.  Put a small tea light candle on top and voila: You have your perfectly decorated Christmas table.

DIY Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas Table Decorations

More Christmas ideas – DIY Stockings for Santa

Santa still needs to find your little ones and have somewhere to leave his presents – what about the Christmas stockings? It’s simple! Why not hang up some of your thick woollen winter socks. Decorate them with ribbons, buttons, or little forest pine cones. If you don’t have any large winter socks with you,  just cut up an old unused winter sweater and stitch into stockings …  maybe Santa will bring you a new one!

DIY Christmas decoration ideas

DIY Christmas Stockings

DIY Christmas Snow wreath

Are you planning to spend your Christmas party outdoors in deep snow, while warming up with a grog or mulled wine this year? Create a unique table decoration with snow. This wreath is made out of snow balls, all the same shape and size. Attach them to each other and place in a circle. Decorate with some greenery, pine cones or other little things found outside. In sub-zero temperatures, your creative wreath last longer than your party! However, just in case outside temperatures are on the rise, just put your snow wreath in the freezer until your guests arrive. Easy DIY Christmas decoration ideas for your Holiday home!
We hope you liked our ideas. Let your imagination run wild. Oh, and don’t forget to upload your pictures of your crafted treasures on our Facebook Page to share with our fans!

Interhome wishes you joyful and relaxing Holiday.

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