Nostalgia Time – Interhome in The Seventies

Moving on in our journey through the decades, let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember the 1970’s. Do you have vivid memories of what life was like in the UK at that time? It was a turbulent decade full of strikes. It ended with the “winter of discontent” in 1979, when ITV went off air for five months. At the start of the miners strike in 1972, a 3-day week was put in place in an attempt to save electricity.

Abba in 1974

Birth of a Legend – Abba takes the world by storm















And what about the long hot summer of 1976 when the UK experienced the worst drought in years. Queues to the standpipes for a daily water supply were a regular occurrence and empty reservoirs were a common feature.
There were countrywide celebrations in 1977 with the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. Do you remember your street party?

Take a look at some of these fascinating 1970s facts- does it bring back fond memories?

  • 64% of homes had a washing machine
  • 1971 91% of families had a TV and enjoyed their programmes in colour
  • 1971 Britain went decimal
  • 1974 First domestic microwave sold
Intehrome started before Elton John was singing

Elton John in 1971
















Platform shoes and flared trousers were all the rage when Interhome entered its teens, and it reflected the Glam Rock music being made popular by the likes of Elton John and David Bowie. Does the mention of Barbie, Sindy and Action Man take you back? Not forgetting the very popular Stylophone, Space Hopper, Roller Skates and the good old Chopper Bike!

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