What is the Perfect Holiday for an Aquarius?

The perfect Holiday Home for an Aquarius

This star sign feels most comfortable wherever there is space and air. Driven by the everlasting thirst for adventure, the Aquarius is constantly making plans and has ideas that others will only come to understand eventually. This sympathetic quick thinker is an adventurer and his freedom-loving nature makes him happy and a travel enthusiast.

Being near an Aquarius means never being alone.
He is mostly a ‘Jack of all trades’, never bored , likes to surround himself with cultured people and meeting stars and starlets. He also shows his curiosity for something new in his individual style of living with extravagant furniture and accessories, various materials and skillfully breaks the rules of style with bright colours and different effects. He loves technical gimmicks and his stereo system and TV are oversized and impossible to be overlooked.

A holiday destination is quickly chosen, preferably a city apartment high above the rooftops or a villa with pool with a fantastic sea view. While browsing through Interhome’s online selection, these sophisticated aerial signs will immediately find the perfect destination, whether it’s a villa on the beach, a large country house in Tuscany or a chalet in the European Alps.

The higher the better
The Villa Buenavista in Moraira is simply the perfect retreat when the Aquarius wants to take a break. Which does not happen that often, because this active thinker with creative ideas, makes plans for the future and is always good with surprises. The 5 bedroom villa offers a spacious 195 m2 on 2 floors. Important for the lively Aquarius is space, both in the panoramic views and in the style of furnishings. The proxmity to the beach, shopping and restaurants is just as important as the incredible views that he can enjoy there.

An Aquarius would love this pool!

The perfect villa for an Aquarius!

Open space for Aquarius

What a view!

Space for the Aquarius

Comfortable rooms and space

Gorgeous pool and terrace

Plenty of air and space for the Aquarian to enjoy!



A Winter destination for the Aquarius
Located in a quiet area, right next to the forest on a hill, with shops, ski lift and lakes nearby. For complete relaxation, the holiday home Almdorf Klippitz in Austria would be a very special change in the winter. Despite its minimal size of 70 m2, it offers state-of-the-art equipment, bright rooms with high ceilings and designer furniture, lots of wood, a Finnish sauna, infrared cabin and an incredible spa bath in the glass-enclosed bathroom with a unique view of the mountains.

Comfy chalet in the mountains

Fun in the snow for the activity-loving Aquarian!

Comfort for the Aquarian

Cosy comfort in this beautiful chalet!

Any Aquarius would love this!

Amazing bath time views!


Light and airy, and right on the beach
4-star apartment Skiper Imperial is located in Umag, Croatia. Here, the freedom-loving zodiac in the 3-room apartment in a city style up to 128 m2, with the family, as a couple or with friends will feel just right. The decor meets expectations with many colour contrasts that are pleasing to the eye. The holiday complex “Rezidencija Skiper” is located on the beautiful coast of Alberi near Savudrija. Pool area, large garden area, beautiful terraces with distant views, surrounded by exotic plants. The gregarious zodiac likes to have his children well looked after, so the nearby Aquapark and the 4000 m2 playground is perfect for a few undisturbed hours on the spacious golf course.

An Aquarius would love the colours!

Colourful décor to brighten your stay!

An Aquarian would love this pool

Croatia beautiful by night!

Relaxation for the Aquarian

Breathtaking sea views!

Are you an Aquarius and think we have your requirements just right?

Or maybe not at all?
We are looking forward to all your comments!

Curious about the ideal holiday home for those born in the sign of the fish? Read about it in next month’s blog.

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