So You Think You Know About the Netherlands?


10 facts you didn’t know about the Netherlands

1. Bikes
The Netherlands is a real bike country! In total, there are 22.5 million bikes in the Netherlands. This means that every Dutch person owns one or more bikes. Due to the flat landscape and the short distances between towns and cities, cycling is the perfect way to get around.

Cycle through the Netherlands

The best way to travel!

2. Tulips
This typical Dutch flower did not originally come from the Netherlands! The tulip originally comes from Iran, Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. Nowadays, we like to have a nice bouquet of tulips in our kitchen but centuries ago, this was only possible for the rich and famous. This flower showed how wealthy you were and Sultans in Turkey wore them in their turbans. This is where the name “tulip” came from.

The flower of the Netherlands

A true symbol of the Netherlands

3. Cheese
Cheese must be included in this list. Every year this lovely country produces 650 million kilos of cheese. Besides producing it, the Dutch also eat it! On average, a Dutch person eats 17 kilos of cheese per year. This confirms how much the Dutch love cheese!

Try the Edam in the Netherlands

A favourite Dutch indulgence

4. Windmills
The Netherlands has around 1170 windmills. Many of these are still being used. The most famous places for seeing the windmills are Kinderdijk, Zaanse Schans and Alblasserwaard.

Famous landmarks in the Netherlands

The unmissable sight of the Dutch windmills

5. Cows
Did you know that there are 4.1 million cows throughout this wonderful country?

Some of the local livestock in the Netherlands!

The essential factor for cheese production!

6. Wooden clogs
Although it is often thought that Dutch people still all wear wooden clogs, this is not true! These wooden shoes were worn by farmers and the working class many centuries ago. These days, wooden clogs are just worn occasionally in rural areas but more often used as a souvenir.

Traditional footwear in the Netherlands

Some Dutch traditional footwear

7. Bridges
The Netherlands is a country of bridges. Because this country is made up of a lot of water, bridges are necessary to get from one place to another. Amsterdam alone has 1281 bridges! In addition to being a necessity, the bridges are also good to take pictures from and they are very popular amongst tourists.

So many bridges in the Netherlands

Some of the Netherlands most beautiful bridges.

8. Water
21% of the Netherlands is located below sea level! This means when there is a flood, this part of the country will disappear!

The waters of the Netherlands

The effects of the sea level in the Netherlands

9. Mountains
The Netherlands is completely flat. The Vaalserberg is the highest point of this country and is only 323m above sea level.

Stunning landscapes in the Netherlands

Not a mountain to be seen!

10. English
Research shows that the Dutch people have mastered the English language better than the rest of Europe. Most Dutch people speak English and on average the Dutch score a 7 out of 10 for their English language skills.

Good English is spoken throughout the Netherlands

Excellent English is spoken in the Netherlands

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