St Patricks Day – All the luck of the Irish

The celebration of St Patricks Day has been going on for centuries, and ever since it was officially acknowledged as a a Christian feast day in the 17th Century, when the restrictions on drink and alcohol during Lent were lifted, it is synonymous with a great time, and is celebrated in Irish bars and restaurants across the globe on the 17th March. Often it is depicted by the 4 leaf clover in reference to the luck of the Irish, however, the real story is that St Patrick would use the 3 leaf shamrock to explain the holy trinity to non-Christians.

Lucky 4-Leaf Clover for St Patricks day

Lucky 4-Leaf Clover for St Patricks Day

What is for sure, is that wherever you are around the world, on the 17th March, for St Patricks Day, you’ll see plenty of people dressing up in green, sporting shamrocks and celebrating with a few pints of Guinness.

It is interesting that Guinness was founded just a century after St Patrick’s Day was first inscribed a a Christian feast day, and many pint as flowed since then every St Patricks Day. Interhome has properties from Dublin to Cork and all along the West Coast, so if you really want to celebrate the day, spend a week in Ireland and get to know the friendliest people in the world.



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