Take a “Far Away” Holiday This Year!

If wanderlust finally gets to you and you are planning an exciting holiday, the big question is where to go?!

We have put together our 10 favourite “far away” holiday destinations for you to take a look at.
1.A trendy city to consider for your holiday is Dubai. Whether you visit the world-famous Burj Khalifa, the breathtaking waterways or the Dubai Mall, the city is full of exciting places to visit. Consider booking a luxury apartment with Interhome. It would be the perfect place to relax after a full day of sightseeing!
Holiday in Dubai AE1000.18.1


Holiday Far Away

A Stunning Stay in Dubai

2. What about a little rest and relaxation in the United Arab Emirates, staying in Mina al Arab. Originally a  fishing village, this location has been transformed into a true oasis for a relaxing holiday. In the new, modern “Mina al Arab Studio” you can enjoy the views across the sea and the garden.

Holiday in UAE AE2000.602.1

Long haul to the UAE

Holiday Luxury in UAE

3. If you want to find out more about about the ancient world of the Middle East, you should check out Oman. More specifically, Salalah. Amongst many other things, the excavations and the old incense harbour are worth a visit. A perfect combination of history on your doorstep and complete relaxation in the apartment Marina 2.

Holiday in Oman OM1000.3.1

Luxury Far Away

Try Oman for your next holiday!

4. Turn the globe 180 degrees and we will find ourselves in the middle of the USA, in the glamorous location of Los Angeles. What about a fantastic beach holiday?. The city of the ‘Beautiful and Famous’ has much more to offer than just the beach at Long Beach: Hollywood and Santa Monica Pier are just two other stunning areas to visit. The best place for relaxing is at one of the luxurious “Olive Street” apartments in LA.

Holiday in New York US9027.2.10

Holiday in LA

Check out the LA views!

5. Travellers in search of stunning scenery are amazed by the variety of landscapes in the USA. Particularly in the state of Washington (not the city of Washington, DC) where you can find Mount Baker – an inspiration for mountaineers and hikers. Mountain biking and glacier climbing are also freely available.  Spend some time in our cosy forest chalets and you can enjoy getting back to nature, surrounded by stunning countryside.

Holiday in Washington State

A holiday in Washington state

Holiday in Mount Baker countryside!

6. New York City – loved by all who like city hopping holidays. Downtown Manhattan with Ground Zero, the Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building and, of course, the Statue of Liberty are an absolute must see. An ideal point for starting your adventure would be from the Central Park apartments.

Holiday in New York

Comfortable stay in NY

Holiday in style in NY!


7. Florida – known as the Sunshine State. Many Europeans and Americans like to enjoy the warmth of Florida, especially in the winter. Whether it’s Disney World, Busch Gardens, the Everglades or Kennedy Space Center, these should all be on the to-do list. Finding the right holiday accommodation is easy.

Holiday in Florida

Florida holiday

Have some Florida fun!

8. And where is it best place to relax and take it easy? How about an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean? In Mauritius you can truly escape the bustle of everyday life. The island boasts white sandy beaches, exotic beach clubs and an assortment of spa and wellness facilities. Try one of our apartments with pool, luxurious and tastefully decorated.

Holiday in Mauritius

Take a trip to Mauritius

Mauritius is a must for that special holiday!


9. Africa is well-known for its breathtaking landscapes. Our suggestion would be the Cape Peninsula in South Africa. At the southern end of the island is the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point. The holiday home KaapKloof is located in Hout Bay », an idyllic and picturesque family / fishing village and an ideal and central starting point for exploring the diversity of the region.

Holiday in South Africa

Take a memorable holiday to Africa

Breathtaking African scenery.

10. Far away and yet still in Europe: The Canary Islands are a wonderful holiday destination. Try out the massages, wellness & spa villas. Our tip: the holiday house La Calma. Modern and luxurious for memorable holidays. The villa offers so many amenities which will make your heart beat a little bit faster.!

Holiday in Gran Canaria

Holiday Luxury in the Canaries

A Taste of Modern Luxury in the Canaries.


Any of your favourites missing? No problem. We have so many more destinations for your holidays, with some great properties.  Take a look at our fantastic selection Interhome.

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