The Top Villas with Pool for 2018

Top 10  Villas with pool in 2018

Dive into the pool

You just can’t beat a pool!


Fascinating and full of secrets

It loves to be the centre of attention, has a damp but also very romantic side, cools and refreshes, offers space for young and old and is the star of all Interhome Top 10 villas – the pool. So what is the history of pools? Well, it was in ancient Greece and Rome where you could find the first settings that were used as a swimming pool. They were used for relaxation, sport or later with thermal water for healing purposes.

Over the past few decades, it has become clear that we humans love the water and from this many variations of indoor and outdoor swimming pools, different materials and shapes have emerged. Whether oval, angular, round, with jacuzzi or stone wall, with waterfall and bar, with bridge and grotto, there are countless variations and many possibilities of increasing the level of exclusivity and luxury of your dream holiday with a pool.

My pool – your pool – our pool

No matter what event, activity or which luxury holiday home, a swimming pool has always been a popular meeting place, for celebrations or for romantic dates. Children love it and as soon as they see it they are  in the water straightaway while adults prefer to relax on the air mattress while reading a book. The swimming pool is a very special treat for any holiday home and Interhome takes you on an incredible journey, a true luxury safari of the most beautiful holiday villas with breathtaking swimming pools for an unforgettable holiday.

Here are our Top 10 Villas with Pool in 2018:

Mauritius – From the edge of the bed right into the pool!

This is where Caribbean dreams come true! A love nest and paradise for romantics, a deep blue crystal clear private pool to relax and feel good. Holiday House Oasis Villa 2, Grand Baie in Mauritius

Take a swim in the pool

Take a dip in this luxury pool!

Holiday House Oasis Villa 2, Grand Baie in Mauritius

Croatia – Luxury wherever you go!

Treat yourself to this palace for a different kind of holiday to dream and relax. Breathtaking pool and Jacuzzi, which radiate peace and elegance, with a splendid view of the old town in the evening.

Clear blue waters

Crystal water of the pool and the sea!

Luxury Lucija, Croatia Dubrovnik

Hungary – Designer dream of the special kind!

Sensuality, precious materials and absolute extravagance come together here. Dive into the beautiful clear waters of your luxury indoor pool and experience relaxation in one of the indoor or outdoor Jacuzzis.
Holiday home, Budapest.

Relax in the indoor pool

Try out the luxury indoor pool!

Spain – Sweating with a panoramic view!

Stunning location and facilities make this a special villa. After morning sports, head to your mighty sun deck, swim in the luxury pool and have a cup of coffee in that dream spa.

Take a swim in the pool

Work out in the gym, relax in the pool.


Villa Las Nubes, Costa Blance Spain

Italy – Trampoline under the palm trees!

Enjoying outdoor living. Luxury pool area for fun, action and relaxation in the shade of tropical trees. In the evening, piano sonatas can be practiced in a romantic Mediterranean ambience.

Crystal clear water of the pool

Chill by the pool, under the palm trees.

Holiday villa Incoronata, Gallipoli Italy

Greece-  Hollywood says hello!

If you want to find the absolute luxury of deep relaxation and tranquility, you will find yourself in the idyllic sunset of this exclusive pool landscape. Feel like a movie star!

Pure luxury villa

Feel like a movie star at this villa!

Holiday house White Grace, Crete Greece

USA – Big Bigger Biggest!

The extravagant American way of life, proves that even big families can indulge in pure pool luxury!

Have a swim in your own pool

Comfortable luxury in Florida!

Holiday House Villa Lovely Nest, Davenport USA

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