Valentines Day – The Festival of Love

Be My Valentine!

February 14th is Valentines Day, the annual festival of love.  The realists among us may associate this day with the lucrative invention of florists throughout the world but all romantics will know that the saint, Bishop Valentine of Terni, is responsible for this celebrated day.  Bishop Valentine lived in 3rd century AD in Rome, at a time when Christians were persecuted and murdered by the Roman Empire.  However, the Bishop still married couples according to the Christian rituals and gave them flowers from his garden in celebration.  St Valentine died on February 14th 268.

Valentine's Day Villa

A Relaxing Valentines Day at a Holiday Villa

 Valentines Day Gifts for Your Loved One

Every year, on Valentines Day, women all over the world are treated to the gift of flowers or a fine meal but most are happy with a thoughtful card, as it is this that counts more than anything else.  A woman also likes to remind the man in her life who much she loves  him with the gift of a tie, cufflinks or maybe his favourite aftershave.  We are always looking for something different to do to celebrate Valentines Day so why not the gift of some Special time together?  With everyone having such a hectic Lifestyle, what better way to say “I love you” than by spending some Quality time, Relaxing together in the comfort of your own holiday home?

Valentine's Day celebrations

A Toast to Valentines Day


If you are looking for an alternative to the usual gift of flowers or perfume, why not consider an alternative idea?  This year, get away from it all and spend a romantic weekend away in a quiet countryside location or take a city trip for two to one of Europe’s many wonderful destinations.  The perfect place to let your loved one know that  you want then to “Be My Valentine!”.

Romantic and fun ideas for Valentines Day are only a click away: Valentines Day City Trips

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