Zillertal – Gauderfest Spring Festival

Wherever you ar ein the world, thewre is still time to get yourselves to Zillertal. Every year on the first weekend in May, the traditional Gauder Fest – Austria’s largest spring and traditional costume festival – is held with multiple attractions. The Gauder Fest is opened with the traditional beer tapping and the Gambrinus speech on Friday. Saturday is the day of youth. The “highlight” of the Gauder Festival is the traditional festival parade on Sunday, which has developed with its colorful costumes and music groups, historic carriages, floats, horse and oxen to the largest national costume parade of Austria. But you don’t want to miss out on the beer tapping of the super-strong Gauder beer (reputedly over 10% alcohol), brewed specially for this shindig. As well as eating, dancing and drinking, there’s a historical parade and Alpine-style wrestling.

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Gauderfest - Zillertal

Gauderfest – Zillertal

GauderFest, Zillertal

Gauderfest, Zillertal’s answer to Oktoberfest

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