Austria Calling! Great snow and sunshine for late-skiers

Experience the spring sun while skiing or snowboarding on the mountains! In Austria, we have plenty of high altitude ski resorts that provide magnificent sun-skiing in March and April, when skiing on spring snow is one of the best ski experiences you can have! A clear blue sky, stunning mountain panoramas and perfect slopes will guarantee enjoyable skiing days.

It doesn’t matter if you like to party and concentrate on après-ski at hip places, or you are first on the lift every morning, at one with nature, with the wind in your hair – Austria is ready for you.

Austria Ski area: Hochfügen/Zillertal (1.500-2.500m)

Weekly events at the Crystal Hut:

  • Crystal Breakfast Brunch: The perfect start in the morning. All sorts of delicacies from the hut.
  • Ibiza Chill Out on the Mountain Sound: Every Day finest Dj sound.
  • Pure Romance: Sunshine cuddle for Lovers. The cuddly package in a water bed or on the sun deck two sun beds, blankets, a bottle of crystal Secco, a bottle of Römerquelle and antipasti.

Crystal Hut -

Austria Ski area: Ski-Optimal Hochzillertal (600-2.500m)

Weekly events at Wedelhütte:

  • Every Saturday: live band on the panoramic scene
  • Wine tasting incl. Snack
  • Daily Mountain breakfast deluxe


Austria Ski area: Gletscherwelt Zillertal 3000 (850-3.250m)

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  • 13.02. & 13.03.2015: Electric Mountain Festival
  • 17.04.2015 – Hannibal Open Air Theatre: a show with wonderful light effects, music, video performances and pyrotechnical shows.
  • 24.-26.04.2015: the ultimate end-of-winter-season event with plenty of highlights


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