The Perfect Holiday Home for the Cancer Sign

Cancer The Crab (from 22nd June to 22nd July)

What is the perfect holiday home for this star sign?

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Accommodation for Cancer sign

The Perfect Holiday for a Cancer Sign.


If there was a holiday home made of sand and sea-shells, the Cancer sign would be the first to book it. He loves the sea, the sound of the waves, whether on the beach or in the middle of the ocean. He is always careful to take good care of everything, his work comes first and all the other pleasures of life only afterwards. This tirelessly efficient zodiac sign must bear in mind that the  holidays are coming soon and remember that he too can go on holiday and enjoy a long-overdue period of rest and relaxation. In the living area the motto of a Cancerian is “do not attract attention” and he is always careful that everything is kept clean and tidy.

Keeping it tidy
Bright, pleasant colours characterize the interior design for Cancer. Soft shapes, fine carpets, playful accessories and collectibles, pictures on the walls and wicker chairs on the balcony. Small and narrow spaces are not his thing but neither is too big and luxurious. His perfect  holiday home reflects his taste. A detached country house with a fireplace and cooking island would be the perfect place for the Cancer born to enjoy time with the family. Love and security are important factors for this star sign, so he will make sure he chooses a suitable holiday home, be it a gorgeous chalet in the mountains, a beach villa with pool or detached country house on the coast of Portugal for relaxing with family and friends.


The Cancer sign would love this pool.

Perfect for relaxing by the pool!

Holiday house “Villa Jacaranda
When everyone else has already made a dash for the beach, the Cancer sign will still be unpacking his bags in peace and quiet, because the zodiac sign does not like disarray of any kind. But he will have a lot of fun in the bright, airy and very comfortably furnished 5 star villa which has everything. It comes with a magnificent family pool, terrace furniture, children’s slide, barbecue, a spacious 700 m2 large yard for private use and a nearby bus stop. For shopping there is a supermarket nearby, a café, a bakery and a shady beer garden. The yacht harbour, the surf and sailing school are easy to reach and there is good entertainment at the Aqua Show Park less than 20 km away.


Cancer loves the beach and the sea

A stunning location right by the sea!

Holiday house “Jure”, Pasman Neviđane
This one is a dream for all Cancerians. The family-friendly sign loves somwhere secluded, close to the sea, with great views. He also likes boats so he will love to be able to rent this one and moor it at the private docking area of  this holiday home. A great extra: The homeowner delivers food once a week on request, so the busy little Cancerian can put everything  away in its proper place in the house. The home is made for his family, offers 3 rooms on 2 floors. It has nice, cosy interiors and an open plam kitchen, plus the brick barbecue and the covered terrace are perfect for nature lovers. Practical: the private outdoor shower which comes in handy after a trip to the pebble beach only 20 steps from the house. Don’t fancy a BBQ every day? No problem, there is a restaurant only 10 km from the house. But be aware: You will need to arrange transport. Why? The house is not accessible by car but only by boat and/or offroad vehicle. Arrival and Departure is therefore taken care of by the homeowner where your car is parked.

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